Saturday, July 17, 2010


There is none closer to virtue than a slave. Without pride or honor, one is always at peace. Without ambition or property, one is eternally whole. They transcend the physical, and through their connection to their master they exist as something greater than either individual. However, from our historical perspective, slavery is an abhorrent notion. Indeed because of the aspirations of our colonial founders, our society will never serve; because of their mistakes, we will never again enslave. But a real master is neither a monarch nor a plantation owner. A true master gives his slave nurturance and guidance in addition to the necessities of life. A slave under an enlightened caretaker is enriched through servitude, not inhibited by it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spiritual Subspace

Without ego
Without possession
They are on the verge of ascension

We dominants rely on them to take us
Closer to the Infinite
Closer to the Divine

Monday, July 12, 2010


Higher consciousness and animal instinct need not be in opposition to one another. We only assume this is the case because society (and western religion) tell us that we have sentience and intelligence in order to inhibit and transcend our baser impulses. While living as a Taoist monk, I have found that the only way to control one's impulses is to embrace them. Allowing instinct to occasionally take over prevents it from eating away at one's subconscious.

I believe that one such instinct is dominance and submission. It is a fundamental element to the social order of many pack animals such as wolves and lions. They are born knowing which polarity to follow. I believe that humans are not so different. As social creatures, we are all driven to benefit the collective. The question each of us must answer is "Am I a nurturer or am I a servant." Society cannot exist without either, just as a pack cannot exist without leaders and followers. The ancient Romans understood this. It's frightening to think that over the past two millennia we have been socially de-evolving into utter chaos. This illustrates the inherent danger of suppressing one's instincts.