Saturday, July 17, 2010


There is none closer to virtue than a slave. Without pride or honor, one is always at peace. Without ambition or property, one is eternally whole. They transcend the physical, and through their connection to their master they exist as something greater than either individual. However, from our historical perspective, slavery is an abhorrent notion. Indeed because of the aspirations of our colonial founders, our society will never serve; because of their mistakes, we will never again enslave. But a real master is neither a monarch nor a plantation owner. A true master gives his slave nurturance and guidance in addition to the necessities of life. A slave under an enlightened caretaker is enriched through servitude, not inhibited by it.


  1. Do you think we do it a dis-service then by keeping the same titles that come with all the historical negative connotation?

    Would changing what we call it make it easier for the masses to accept?

  2. I would like to say I agree with what Sir said here, I do wish that the world were more accepting. However I do feel that in someways if you do not be overt in public you can still live as you see fit in the public eye. In my case it is easy as Silver is disabled so I have to help Him out publicly anyway.

    Also both members of the "partnership" are caretakers, the Master needs to take care of their slave and the slave their Master. It is really an equal relationship even if to some it may appear as otherwise.